Accepted Proposals

Submitted proposals were reviewed by the members of the program committee and evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  1. Relevance to individual choice behavior,
  2. Interdisciplinary perspective,
  3. Inclusion of thought leaders in the related topic/areas of study,
  4. Novelty of ideas, and
  5. Potential to impact research and practice.
We are delighted that the selected proposals span the fields of marketing, psychology, economics, sociology, statistics, medicine, law, computer science, communication, environmental studies, and politics. In no particular order:


Workshop Title Workshop Co-chairs
Technology-Enabled Persuasion Throughout Customer Journey Yakov Bart (Northeastern University), J Jeffrey Inman (University of Pittsburgh), Andrew T Stephen (University of Oxford)
Automated Decision Dialogues: Consumer Choice in Algorithm-Supported Interactive Verbal Decision Processes Benedict Dellaert (Erasmus University Rotterdam), Suzanne Shu (UCLA)
Dynamic Choice Under Uncertainty Bart Bronnengberg (Tilburg), Jean-Pierre Dube (Chicago)
Fundraising Design Ernan Haruvy (UT Dallas), Peter Popkowski Leszczyc (University of Alberta)
Transforming Choice: How Digital Innovations are Changing Thinking, Deciding, and Interacting Donna Hoffman (George Washington), Ana Valenzuela (Baruch/ESADE), Robert Meyer (Wharton)
Wisdom from Words: Insight from Language and Textual Analysis Jonah Berger (Wharton), Grant Packard (Wilfrid Laurier)
Artificial Intelligence Meets Behavioral Science: Innovations in Discovering and Leveraging Nudges Kosuke Uetake (Yale), Nathan Yang (McGill)
Influencing Customer Choices with Field Experiments Eva Ascarza (Harvard), Dean Eckles (MIT), Oded Netzer (Columbia)
Loyalty Programs in the Era of Big Data: an Interdisciplinary Prism Valeria Stourm (HEC Paris), Scott Neslin (Dartmouth)
From Individual Decision Making to the Population: Promises and Challenges for Decision Neuroscience Emily Falk (Penn), Brian Knutson (Stanford), Vinod Venkatraman (Temple), Carolyn Yoon (Michigan)
New Directions for Experiences and Choice Wendy Liu (UCSD), Evan Weingarten (UCSD), Kristen Duke (UCSD)
Opportunities and Challenges in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Ziv Camron (INSEAD), Leonard Lee (NUS), Nan Yang (NUS)
Personal Finances and Choice: Perspectives for Research, Practice and Policy Eesha Sharma (Dartmouth)
Consumer Choice, Big Data, and Machine Learning Xiao Liu (NYU), Davide Proserpio (USC), Eric Schwartz (Michigan)
Platform Choice Hemant K Bhargava (UC Davis), Olivier Rubel (UC Davis)
Marketing and the Social Mission: The Effective Design and Delivery of Stakeholder-centric Public Policy Pradeep Chintagunta (Chicago), Ahmed Khwaja (Cambridge), Shubhranshu Singh (Johns Hopkins), S Sriram (Michigan)
Perceived Autonomy in Consumer Choice Klaus Wertenbroch (INSEAD), Rom Schrift (Wharton)
Decision Processes in Networks Elizabeth Bruch (Michigan), Fred Feinberg (Michigan)
Integrating Cognitive and Economic Decision Models Oleg Urminsky (Chicago), Thomas Otter (Goethe), Arash Laghaie (Goethe), Dan Bartels (Chicago)
Choosing Based on Predicted, Experienced and Remembered Enjoyment Tom Meyvis (NYU), Leif Nelson (UC Berkeley)
Salience, Attention and Decision-Making Milica Mormann (Southern Methodist), Chris Janiszewski (Florida)
A Multidisciplinary Analysis of Long-Term Behavior Change: Beyond Incentives and Choice Architechture Ravi Dhar (Yale), Nathan Novemsky (Yale), Itamar Simonson (Stanford)
Climate Change, Sustainability, and Environmentally Significant Choice: Setting the Agenda for Future Research in Environmental Decision-Making Remi Trudel (Boston University), Vlad Griskevicius (Minnessota)
Politics, Persuasion and Choice David Godes (Maryland), Dina Mayzlin (USC)
Personalized Medicine and Decision Making Jian Ni (Johns Hopkins), Luc Wathieu (Georgetown)