Call for Proposals

Scholars who are interested in organizing a workshop on a specific theme for the symposium may submit a proposal by September 10th, 2018 (see below for details).

Workshop Topic

Workshop proposals should focus on the study of topics relevant to the understanding of individual choice behavior and decision making, ideally spanning multiple academic disciplines.


Workshop organizers are responsible for recruiting a roster of participants for their proposed session. Each workshop proposal should include a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 15 participants (inclusive of the organizers). If a proposal is accepted, a minimum of 12 registered participants per workshop is required.
Workshop participants should be scholars who have made significant contributions to the topic area or who, based on their work in cognate or related areas, can be expected to make such contributions in the future.
Participation of scholars representing a variety of disciplines relevant to the study of choice behavior is highly encouraged (e.g., marketing, psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, and statistics, among others). In the past, workshop participants have spanned fields as varied as medicine, environmental studies, accounting, and transportation.

Workshop organizers and participants can only be part of one workshop proposal.

Workshop Schedule

The co-organizers of accepted workshops will develop an agenda for their workshop sessions prior to the Symposium. All participants are expected to attend the entire event (arriving May 29th and departing June 2nd 2019). The schedule is expected to be as follows: Wedneday, May 29th (welcome in the evening reception). Thursday May 30th-Saturday June 1st (full day of workshops). Given that it can easily take half that to get there (or to leave) and that workshops will run from 9-5, we expect participants to arrive Wedneday evening and depart early Sunday morning.

The workshops typically include one half day of leisure activities, and include time for participants to present their own work and have ample time for integrative discussions. Sample schedules from past symposiums are available here. sample 1, sample 2; we're looking for more sample of successful workshop formats, feel free to send them to us!).

Workshop proposals document

The proposal document should include the following in word:
  1. Title of the proposed workshop,
  2. Organizers - The names, affiliations, and contact information of the workshop co-organizers (no more than 4),
  3. Brief description - The workshop topic/theme (400 words max). The description should include a brief characterization of the current state of knowledge in the relevant domain(s), as well as a vision statement outlining how the workshop is expected to stimulate, and set the course for, important new research related to the theme.
  4. Participants - A list of workshop participants, along with their affiliations and contact information, as well as an indication that they have committed to attend the Symposium if the workshop proposal is accepted. This list should include a minimum 12 workshop participants (maximum of15), including the workshop organizers,
  5. References - A list of key references relevant to the proposed workshop theme.

Submission Deadline

September 10th 2018. The submission deadline has passed.